The Mistwood Saga

Humble Beginnings

Our adventurers began as members of the Redpaw Tribe with a mission from the Ratfolk Den Mother. Winter is fast approaching and her kin need to be prepared to hunt and gather supplies. Hekock and Allison were assigned to Suraa, who would take them further from the Warren than they had ever been.

As they prepared to leave, Xepho the bully attempted to strike Hekock. Suraa flattened the bully with a punch before Allison could step between them. Xepho and his gang gave the party dirty looks as the party left about its task.

Snow had already fallen in a thin lair within Mistwood. Quietly, Suraa led them to the places where they might gather fresh water, trap animals, and hunt for the tribe. On their journey, they spotted smoke from an open campfire and investigated.

Quietly they crept up upon three Blacktooth Orcs, scouts for a raiding party, as they cooked a female human torso and complained about the bitter cold. Suraa circled the encampment as Allison prepared her bow, sent forth her spider familiar, and Hekock prayed to his god.

Suraa struck first, cleaving deeply into the orc’s back. The battle erupted in roars as Hekock joined in and Allison let fly with her arrows. By blade, bite, and venom the orcs fell but not before astray shot from Allison’s bow and the mighty blow of an orc blade felled Suraa. Hekock was quick to heal Suraa and prevent his death. Hekock was left wondering at the curious name an orc had called him, “little chalk”. Hekock forgoes eating the human out of respect for Clan Law.

Searching the orcs, the part found treasure and two potions. They also found a map that gave no hint of the orcs’ origin but marks showed the location of human settlements. Hekock decided that perhaps this information might be valuable to the humans and the party took the severed heads of the orcs as well as the body of the human too the nearest village.

At the village they traded with the humans the remains for five sacks of grain and informed them of the coming orc attack but it seemed that the humans were unconcerned. Perhaps they did not believe the tales spun by creatures the humans considered vermin.

On their way back to the warren, the party discovered they were being followed by a lone human. The party made camp and invited the human in. He questioned them as to why the chose to help the humans since the humans despised them so much. The Hekock displayed his rare cleric abilities to the human. The human left confused, but thanked the party for returning his sister. He also told them that others were following their sled’s tracks to find the warren and that the food sacks had been poisoned.

Upon returning to the warren, the party found their brothers and sisters were ill. About the warren were strewn the same sacks of grain as the party had returned with. These sacks had been scavenged from the same settlement and they too were poisoned. Suraa used his alchemy training to determine that he poison was some type of venom.

When told of the encounter with the orcs, the Den Mother warned of bad things to come. The Backtooth come raiding every few years and they are merciless. Usually the warren hides from them during the winter, but with the clan’s food poisoned and the gathering unfinished, they must expose themselves to the Blacktooth scouts are risk starvation.


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